Mobile production of feeds

The most modern mobile production of compound feeds in Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland

In-farm production of feeds for cattle

In the EU, more that 20 percent of all feeds for cattle are prepared in farms, co-operatives, and agricultural companies. In-farm feed production helps to more efficiently use grain and other feeding materials grown on the farm. Adding mass-production protein or mineral components and improving the nutrient value of locally made feeds farmers can produce especially high quality, physiologically balanced feeds for dairy cows and beef cattle.

AB Kauno Grūdai has acquired one of the most modern mobile feed production machines in Europe and is now able to offer high quality mobile feed production services, best feed additives, and the advice of stockbreeding specialists to Lithuanian, Latvian, and Polish farms in order to maximise their stock production.

The services are offered together with feed raw materials and other farming PRODUCTS.

The most prospective mobile production of feeds

Modern technologies help in the reaching of the highest productivity, efficiency, and work capacity standards. The most exceptional and prospective compound feed production method today is the feed production machine Tropper, which is manufactured by an Austrian production company.

AB Kauno Grūdai is known as one of the largest feed and their additives production companies. The team of highly competent production specialists, veterinary physicians, and formulation experts delivers specific individual consultations to clients.

Customised formulas

Our qualified company specialists will rapidly produce high quality compound feeds for an affordable price at your premises. Custom formulated, produced, balanced, and enriched with nutritive materials feeds will increase productivity and improve the health of cows as well as upgrade the quality of milk.

The advantages of the Tropper mobile machine: mobility, preciseness, quality, competency, and rapid operation.

Mobile compound feed production services are rendered seven days per week.

We have developed a team of professionals responsible for mobile machine rout planning, preparing the required quantity of quality additives, rapid preparation of feed formulas, and consultations. The Tropper machine is distinguished by highly modern technical characteristicsit is capable of producing two different sort of feed at a time.

In-farm production compound feeds can be delivered to any place designated by clients.

Automatic production processes are operated by an installed computer-based system. Thus, dosing deviations never exceed 100 g per 1 t of feeds.

The mobile machine can produce up to 20 t of compound feed per hour. Smooth work flow is guaranteed by qualified specialists who have passed specific training in Austria. Aiming to ensure high quality and production processes, specialists are additionally acquainted with feed production technologies. Feed formulas are rapidly revised during the production process.

The services rendered are invoiced and supplemented with all the required documents.

Exceptional service – mobile grain threshing

Threshed grain is recommended with the aim of improving the taste and digestibility of feed, thereby resulting in higher productivity. Threshed grain is suitable for producing compound feeds that are the best for dairy cows. Scientific research shows that cows fed by threshed grain give more milk, while cattle and offspring demonstrate greater weight gain. In addition, this grain treatment method has positive effects on animal health.

The technological capacities of AB Kauno Grūdai and the expertise, knowledge, and experience of its employees represent the best solution for every farm.

AB Kauno Grūdai offers high quality compound feeds and vitamin-mineral complimentary feeds VitaPrem that are produced using vitamins, micro elements, mineral additives and other supplements. All compounds and raw materials are purchased directly from certified and EU recognised manufacturers. The quality parameters of all raw materials pass laboratory checks. The compound feeds and premixes produced by AB Kauno Grūdai completely meet feed quality requirements and satisfy the physiological needs of animals of all ages. Production of mineral-vitamin complimentary feeds corresponds to international standard ISO 22000. Additives are balanced by highly experienced specialists equipped with the most modern feed optimisation program Hibrimin VinFumi.

Upon client request, AB Kauno Grūdai can prepare customised formulas based on the individual needs of farms and produce mineral-vitamin complimentary feeds according to the rations and formulas of feeds used on a farm.

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